Taste of Britain

We had a relaxing day today, slept almost through breakfast so had brunch! After breakfast I searched out and found the General Manager and discussed with him my disappointment that we had not yet been informed of what compensation we would be receiving for our shortened cruise. He repeated what the ladies at guest services had told us, “the home office will be in touch shortly”. I told him that I had spoken with one couple shoe I understood to say they had already used a voucher worth 125% of what they paid for this cruise (this would be inline with what Viking announced for cruises canceled due to Corona between today and May 1st) to book a future cruise. The manager seemed genuinely surprised and immediately got in touch with the future cruise salesman aboard and based on one side of the conversation it appeared that we would all he offered the same compensation. More than what we expected but certainly welcome. I heard him ask for “it in writing from L.A.” and said he would be in touch. Later on the afternoon I got a call from the sales person who said that “the home office would be in touch shortly with a special package”. When I asked about the others who had used vouchers to book future cruises, he said, “ I promise you, no one has used a voucher to book a future cruise “. However later in the afternoon I spoke with another guest who said he had already discussed doing so and had an appointment tomorrow to finalize using their voucher for a future cruise. Hmm, hope I don’t have to start a mutiny! It is so disappointing after such transparency and generosity from Viking (remember the unexpected On Board credit in China due to the inconveniences of the National Holiday?) for them to drop the ball on something such as this. I intend to followup with both of the guests and see if they indeed are booked. If that’s the case, I will give the onboard folks one last chance before I hit Twitter with my complaint.

Orherwise today, we lost badly at Trivia, did a little better at Name That Tune and then went to Afternoon Tea. As usual the scones (Devon style for me, Cornish for Mike) were the highlight, but it is such a civilized way to wile away an hour!

After tea we returns to the room and finalized cancelations of our Airbnbs and sent more emails to the airlines requesting refunds for flights we now can’t make.

We continued our Taste of Britain with gin & tonics in the room whilst (see how I did that) dresses for our late dinner reservation at the Chef’s Table. This is one of Viking’s alternative ( complimentary) restaurants. The menu here rotates every three days and we had selected the relatively new menu by a British version of Ina Garten names Karen Burns-Booth. This menu debuted on the first few nights of this year’s World Cruise which started in London. Chef Burns-Booth was even aboard to oversee its introduction.

Our first course was a Scotch egg but rather than the usual pub fare of a hard boiled egg in breakfast sausage, this was a just beyond soft boiled quail egg in Italian sausage. A very tasty Amuse Bouche

Next up was Fish and Chips which is pictures at the top of this post. It was delicious though neither of us could taste the promised malt vinegar salt.

Our next course was the palate cleanser Gin and Tonic granite. Very nice-very lemony with a nice kick of quinine.

The main course was a wonderful version of an English Sunday dinner. Tender brisket, boiled potatoes and vegetables with a chive butter, a (not at all mini) Yorkshire Pudding with onions (popover to all my southern readers!) all serves with the most amazing gravy-very beefy with a hint of red wine. It would have made the napkin taste good! Just so yummy!

Dessert was Whim Wham which our Scottish friend Lady McGrath presumed was a made up name and dish-but she quickly emailed me that was incorrect as it is apparently from the Regency period. It was wonderful. Silky smooth whipped cream topped with raspberries and orange over sponge cakes soaked in sherry, orange juice and (scotch) whiskey. So so delicious! We hope we can recreate this dish in Raleigh when we entertain the Lord and Lady McGrath during their US visit this fall.

We enjoyed our dinner at the Chef’s Table and are looking forward to returning on Sunday night for the “Lotus” menu. I won’t plan on blogging about it, as I have done so previously. Suffice it to say, it’s are favorite menu at the Chef’s Table-the spicy soft shell crab appetizer is delicious and the Thai lamb chops incredible!

Enjoying our pre-dinner G&Ts in The Living Room

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