So we did a thing😉

After a year without having a trip booked we are looking forward to being back onboard Viking Cruises’ Orion in October. We will be boarding where we last left her in 2019 in Hong Kong and sailing to Bangkok. The 14 night itinerary includes several overnights in Vietnam as well as at one the end in Bangkok.

We had hoped to do a longer sailing from Athens to Bangkok and had been keeping an eye on it, but it’s close to sold out so when Mike got a promo email on Friday offering a discounted price, “free” air (let’s hope we can snag an exit row seat!), silver spirits package, and $500 shipboard credit for this cruise at about a quarter of what the longer cruise was going to cost we decided it was time to push the button as it seemed like too good a deal to pass up – so we didn’t!

Our plan is to stay an extra week after disembarking-two nights in Bangkok and then fly to Siem Reap for three nights to visit Angkor Wat before flying back to Bangkok for one night to catch our “free” flight home. Now we just have to hope the stars align and the cruise actually goes. 🤞

If you have independent excursion recommendations for Viet Nam and/or hotel recommendations in Bangkok or Siem Reap we are all ears!

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