Final Thoughts.  finally!

It has been almost a month since we had to leave Sun. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the world to return to normal. The first day at work I kept asking for someone to bring me my pot of french press coffee, but alas no one complied. LOL

After contemplating the trip overall, I offer these final thoughts as promised:
– 19 days is not too long a cruise, however, we are rethinking the idea of retiring to a cruise ship. Both of us believe that while we were in a great room, that sooner or later even it would be claustrophobic and we think that eventually we would want to make our own supper.

-Norwegian Sun is still my favorite ship, although she is in need of a refresh. The upholstery, chairs, carpets, are all showing signs of their age.  

-While we had incredible service, I continue to wish that Norwegian and other lines for that matter would do a better job of training and empowering their customer service personnel. If your question wasn’t a standard one, they often looked lost.  

-There has been lots of discussion regarding the quality of food on Norwegian. I found it to be about the same as on our last cruise….some things we liked, some we didn’t. Other than the main dining rooms, we only ate in Le Bistro and La Cucina. They remain our favorites and in my opinion, Le Bistro is the best restaurant on Norwegian ships. We enjoyed the Chef’s Table and believe it worth the $99 per person charge. While I would like there to be a new menu, I expect we will enjoy it again on a future cruise even if they don’t change the menu. 

-The trip through the canal was incredible. The more I ponder it, the more amazing I realize the construction was. I highly recommend that anyone who has any interest in it to be sure to make the transit. While we enjoyed the trip and highly recommend it, I am afraid I have to say that the trip around South America is still my favorite.

So there it is, I hope you enjoyed tagging along…if you have any questions or I can ever provide any advice, don’t hesitate to ask!