Almost back.

We have had several beautiful days on our slow(ish) ride back to Miami. We are scheduled to be aside there at 5:30 am tomorrow morning-March 17 and off the ship and on the way to the airport by 9:30. We will see if those predictions are accurate. To the best of my knowledge no one on board is ill so hopefully we will have an easy disembarkation.

We didn’t purchase our airfare through Viking so we were in the process of figuring out the best way back to Raleigh when we received a letter from Viking saying they would book our return flight. Another great service gesture and completely unexpected! Now if they would just tell us what/how they are compensating us for this cruise!

Initially, most believed (including the onboard sales person apparently) that we qualified for Viking’s extremely generous program for corona-canceled cruises-either a voucher worth 125% of monies paid for a future cruise OR a 100% refund. However, it quickly was changed to “the home office will be in touch shortly after you return home with a unique package”. Hoping that means at least 3/14ths of a refund since that’s what we have lost. I’m not overly concerned that Viking won’t be more than fair, just can’t figure out why so secretive. We are still trying to get Vuling and Airbnb to clarify their refunds and will start on RyanAir, LOT, British Air, American Airlines, Amtrak, ibis Hotels, Eurostar, Stonehenge-Windsor Tour and Wimbleton refunds after we get home.

Despite it all, we have had a nice cruise and the service level has remained top notch which must be difficult since the crew doesn’t know what is next for them after we leave and they turnaround and sail back to Europe. Has to be hard to smile and work so hard when you don’t know if you’ll have a job in under a month. Of course watching the stock market slide has raised similar concerns with us. But I’ll be Scarlett and “worry about that tomorrow!”

The entertainers have done afternoon shows in The Living Room and extra lectures and daily Trivia and Name that Tune have kept us all engaged

And of course we have enjoyed incredible meals. Last night we had our favorite Chef’s Table menu-“Lotus” and it was even better than those we have had before. The Singapore crab and the Thai Lamb chops were as good as ever but this time the amusè bouche wasn’t a dense potato cake on top of over cooked spinach, instead it was a light and fluffy cloud of cheesy air resting on top of saag paneer without the cheese. That was followed by the Chocolate Extravaganza for all aboard.

Then to top it all, during breakfast this morning, the World Cafe Manager stopped by and told us to find Chef Singh at lunch that he had made something special just for us. Early in the cruise, we had specially decided to eat at the buffet as they listed fresh pea soup on the menu. Last fall aboard Orion, we had chilled fresh pea soup as an appetizer that was so good after our main course we asked for another bowl for dessert and then accepted our waiters offer to send some more to our room. We had it the next day for lunch.

Anywho, while eating the pea soup early in the cruise, the manager stopped by and asked if we were enjoying our meal. We said we were but had hoped for the chilled soup. So guess what? Today they made it just for us. We each had two bowls. Talk about personal service! Hopefully my Instagram posting about it will get Chef Singh a special acknowledgement from Viking!

After loosing at Name that Tune, we returned to the room and finished packing-since we don’t have a washer and dryer yet, we tried to wash everything yesterday so we will only have a few dirty clothes to take home. Of course with the social distancing, I suspect we will be wearing gym shorts and tshirts most of the time after we get home.

Tonight we are having our final dinner in Manfredi’s and hopefully will have an uneventful travel day tomorrow. I’ll post again once we are home….or if 🤞they suddenly decide we can stay aboard and ride to Europe with them!

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