212 Days Later!

After 15,466 road miles, 7,986 air miles, 921 train miles and 7,647 nautical miles on ships, we made it back to Danville, Virginia tonight for Christmas with Mike’s family.

I still need to blog about the Viking cruise in China, the flight back on Cathay Pacific, and our big road trip east that included Yosemite, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, a Caribbean cruise and visits with family and friends along the way. I promise I will get it done, but it may be after a visit to my family in Charleston just before the new year.

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Cheery Kwanza, Shiny Solstice or Happy whatever Winter Holiday you celebrate and a Great 2020!



After a short check-in process we are aboard Holland American Veendam for our weeklong cheap cruise.

We parked right at the terminal and walked almost right up to the checkin desk and were quickly sitting in “those chairs” with boarding card #16 in hand. They were calling group 4 when we sat down.

So far so good until I looked at our keycard packet and realized that I wasn’t Gwen and Mike wasn’t Stephanie! So back to the desk. We booked an inside guarantee and were assigned #809 which was on the outside of the envelope. They remade our keys and the old envelope had us in a different room number. So I suspected Gwen and Stephanie were upgraded from 809 and we are in their old room. By the time they got us the correct packet, they were calling Group 15. A minute or two later it was our turn and we were onboard.

The rooms were ready so we headed there to drop off our carryon bag. Hmmm, our keys won’t open the door so we will have to visit guest services. The upgraded oceanview room is nice and I am sure we will enjoy the loveseat but not so sure about the tub.

We are now waiting for lunch in the main dining room. Looks like Stateroomgate maybe more complicated than first thought. The restaurant shows me in Room 824 and Mike in 664! Should make for an interesting discussion at Guest Services!

I am not going to blog during the cruise since we won’t have internet. If you want to keep up with us either follow our Instagram: ClaynMike or follow Mike on Facebook: Mike Burton.