We usually book cruises relatively last minute, but last week we realized that because we already had one cruise booked (October 2022 Hong Kong to Bangkok) that Viking Cruises would delay their usual one year in advance final payment to six months before. We have been planning to take their cruise from Reykjavik to Bergen to celebrate Mike’s 60th summer but hadn’t booked it because we didn’t want to tie up that much money for that long. They had been offering a $25 deposit promo in celebration of their 25th Anniversary but since final payment would be due in September 2022 we had elected to wait until after our October cruise.

But when we realized that we could book now and not pay the balance until January, we jumped. So now for the first time in a very long time we have two cruises on the books and for the first time two showing up in Viking’s online system, “My Viking Journey”. 😊

If you’d like to see pictures of where we are headed, follow us on Instagram: @ClayNMike. If you’d like to join us, drop me a line, the more the merrier.


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