Hope everyone is well and not going too stir crazy during these crazy times through which we are living. We are happy autumn is finally here. We have enjoyed having the air conditioning off and the windows open. We even had to put a blanket on the bed! Unfortunately that is likely to change next week as temperatures are predicted to rise again. But for now we are loving looking at our thermostat.

Mike and I are both healthy but bored most of the time. Our plan to volunteer and reconnect with old friends here in Raleigh has definitely been negatively impacted by Lady Corona. But we are happy we have a comfortable place to live and are healthy. We know how lucky we are compared to so many others.

In addition to becoming a baker, Mike has gotten started on learning to sew. We bought a used machine for $20 and his first project was a pillow cover for the guest room. He used the same fabric that I had used to recover the (free) chair we found on Facebook Marketplace. We didn’t realize when we bought the clearance fabric that it was going to coordinate so well with the quilt Mike’s grandmother made so we were excited when we put the room all together. So with those, the new bed and the painted end table and desk, our guestroom is basically finished!

And the guestroom has had several uses. Sam (our friend from DC) came for a long weekend after the 4th of July, and after two weeks of self-isolation, our friend Claudia came for her birthday celebration-Claudigras! That was followed by my brother and his family for a long weekend. We however spent the whole time at the lake so hopefully they will make it to Raleigh sometime. Then after more self-isolation, Chris and Jennifer (Mike’s brother and sis-in-law) spent a night here before we all went to the lake for several days.

No more plans at the moment for visitors so if you’re up to visiting, please don’t hesitate to come on. We get good reviews!

While Mike is sewing and baking, I’m texting on behalf of Joe and the Democrats. It had been great to connect with others who are supporters and even some of those who aren’t. While many Republicans have been unpleasant, It is nice to know there are some who are still polite and with whom one can have a civil conversation. I’m hoping (but unfortunately not hopeful) that after November 3rd our country can be one again. 🤞

Please stay safe, wear a mask and wash your hands! I want to be able to visit with you again when all of us are able.

Enjoy your fall!

4 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Glad you guys are doing well. Your guest room looks great. I’m about to become un-involuntarily-retired as I’ve accepted a job with my former customer starting next month–just didn’t feel comfortable that my money would hold out for the rest of my life despite what Fidelity said! Hopefully we can all play trivia on another Viking cruise at some point in the future when we’re no longer living in a dystopian fantasy novel! 🙂


  2. I always enjoy your posts Clay, and keep up the good work with the blue texting! Maybe we will find some new civility and even (ahem) unity down the road!


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