Magnolias are blooming so it’s summer in North Carolina. While I love their scent, I could do without the heat and humidity that comes along with them. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

I hope everyone is safe, healthy and wearing their masks and washing their hands. We are both doing fine though the whole idea of settling down and reconnecting with friends hasn’t worked out as planned due to our friend Lady Covid. 😢. By now I had hoped to be volunteering a few days a week somewhere and be enjoying get togethers with old friends. Oh well, we recognize how lucky we are and are thankful that we are able to be comfortable and healthy. Just bring on a vaccine!

Other than a short 4 night trip to Folly Beach to help celebrate my niece’s high school graduation, we have been practicing lots of isolation. We have purchased though Facebook Marketplace and the LetGo app some furniture for our new place. I hope to start painting some of our “treasures” this week 🤞

We have received refunds (or credits after disputing the charges to our credit card companies) for all our planned travel. That has been a relief though the effort it took is a bit annoying. We do however look forward to being able to plan travel again….someday. Just bring on a vaccine.

So happy summer everyone and please stay healthy!

4 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Thanks, Clay – I’ve really enjoyed your posts, especially your “almost live” series about your ill-fated transatlantic on Viking. I don’t know if you’re ready to chance another TA, but you should look at the Viking Sun Mid Atlantic Crossing from Lisbon to Miami that leaves December 3, 2020. We have an active roll call group that’s hoping that this cruise happens.

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    • Glad you have enjoyed! We had been watching “your” cruise before our plans got upended. We were supposed to be in Europe until June 2nd when we were to fly back on a cheap roundtrip biz flight. We set the return to have a few weeks outside Porto prior to embarking to come home with y’all.

      Unfortunately, we haven’t thought much about it since everything we got canceled. We do have cheap award flights to South America next March in the hope to board Jupiter’s 22 day trip from Buenos Aires to Barcelona.

      I will put that cruise back on our watch list. If Viking throws in a great promo we might just see ya aboard….presuming our world has returned to some sort of normalcy by then! 🤞


      • We are all keeping our fingers crossed too. Several of us just submitted our final payments plus we’ve had several people just book the cruise and join the roll call. Viking’s cabin rates for our cruise aren’t great right now, but they do have onboard credit – I think up to $500/cabin.
        I’ve cruised before but not on Viking so your “almost live” posts gave me a great look at Viking and the transatlantic experience. I’m glad our trip is Westbound so we add an hour every other day or so, instead of losing an hour like your cruise! 🙂


      • I hope you booked through one of the Travel agents who give you additional onboard credit. That’s what we use to pay for our gratuities. If not and you’re within 30 days of doing so you can still move it and get the perks.

        I’m sure you will live Viking as long as you don’t need a casino, kids or 2500 other people.

        As far as direction goes, neither is great. Heading to Europe and loosing the hour you’re tired and coming back you wake up an hour earlier ew h day so ….you’re tired. LOL.


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