Isolation Update

Hope this post finds everyone healthy and isolated. Both of us are but like most others, a bit bored.

For long time readers you probably saw this picture above and are wondering what we are doing at Mike’s Mom’s lake house on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.

About 11:15 pm on April 9th, the fire alarm in our new (to us) condo building in Raleigh started going off. After checking to be sure there wasn’t a fire in our unit we gathered outfront with all our neighbors. About 10 minutes later the fire department arrived. 10 minutes after that they came out asking who lives in #204. That’s us! 😳

We go upstairs and find out that sometime after we left the unit, it got flooded.

Turns out that a pipe to the water heater in the unit above us burst, the heat from the hot water apparently caused the fire sprinkler in that unit to activate which drenched us and the unit below us.

We initially thought that our makeshift buckets and staying up until 3am had saved our new wood floors but by the time the Home Owner’s Association’s remediation contractor woke us the next morning at 7:30 am, the wood was already starting to buckle. The water had gotten below it into the subfloor. Additionally, the ceiling and walls were showing signs of water damage.

So we packed up and headed up to the lake while the contractor got to work. The video below was taken last week when we visited to meet with the electrician.

We decided since the ceilings were down we would spend some money we don’t have and add some can lights. Doing this was on our long term list but wasn’t going to happen for a while. We so wish the water had of damaged the master bath and/or kitchen. LOL

Heard today that the drywall is going back up so we are headed down tomorrow to see what progress is being made. We don’t have a completion date yet as they don’t have a delivery date for the replacement wood floor. Hoping we won’t be up here at the lake too long but we recognize that we are so lucky to have a place to stay!

Stay healthy!

Thanks to Montana Gail for the handmade couture face mask

7 thoughts on “Isolation Update

  1. Yikes!! What a pain!
    To make you both feel better 🙂 can I tell you about the 1000 square foot apartment that was flooded with TWO iNCHES of water throughout? Concrete building and a pipe in the wall broke. A fine time was had by all, I am sure, Luckily for us, not nearby.

    Love your blog! Hope we will all be back travelling and cruising sooner than later.

    I’d say, “stay safe”, but “stay dry” might be better.



  2. Hiya what a fantastic view for the idolaters. Some people will die for especially those in the high rise building with no garden stuck inside 24/7. Hope you get your condo soon.Here things still the same, we have some sunshine but it’s very breezy n cool. Well have a very good. Going off to care for the needy.

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