Day 6

It’s “Taste of the Caribbean” at lunch today aboard Sky including free delicious Pina Coladas for all-guess we will be having pineapple sorbet tomorrow!

In addition to the cocktails, there was freshly grilled shrimp and jerk chicken on the pool deck along with beautiful tropical fruit. Inside there was Bbq, black beans, plantain rice, pork and lots of fish. Everybody seemed to be enjoying it.

We didn’t do so well at Trivia this morning-I mean did you know that Diana Ross misses a penalty kick at the opening ceremonies of the 1994 World Cup or that Denmark’s flag is the oldest in continuous use? Oh well, it’s only a game they keep telling us.

I’m headed up to the infinity pool as it’s a beautiful albeit windy and therefore rocky day. But the temperatures are going down each day a little more. Currently it’s 75° but the high tomorrow is predicted to be 72° as we head further and further north.

Thankfully no reports of any illness aboard (other than sea sickness from some) but starting to hear folks changing their plans after the cruise. Some who had planned on staying on in Barcelona are heading home early as their tours have been canceled.

We are hoping that things level off and that we won’t have any problems during our week in Spain or in entering Hungary at the end of March….only time will tell.

Be sure and wash yo’ hands!

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