This post is being written well after our visit to Qingdao in October 2018.

After a short overnight sail across part of the Yellow Sea from Dalian we awoke in Qingdao-another huge city-about 6 million people. You may know about the city’s most famous export. Which is the phonetic (and an alternative) spelling of its name:

The included excursion here was a panoramic bus trip but with only two stops. But before we could get on the bus we had to do a death march to reach it. There is a new and beautiful terminal which serves ferries and cruise ships but it is huge and requires an incredibly long walk. According to the counter on my phone it was 3/4 mile from the ship to the immigration counter and then another 1/4 mile to the bus!

The terminal is new and there was a television reporter there interviewing some of our fellow guests. They said the questions were all about how much they liked Qingdao which were difficult to answer since all they had seen was the inside of the terminal! 😂

Once in the bus we rode through high rises (including some more ugly ones that must of been designed by that same architect from Dalian).

We eventually reached a sea side park where we had free time. We walked along the boardwalk a bit which had an interesting suspension portion, red National Day decorations and explored a couple of stores. One had nothing but dried seafood-fish, shrimp, scallops, etc. They also had Tsingtao beers so we bought the one pictured above.

From the boardwalk we were driven to a pier in another part of town. This pier is located at the public beach and as it was almost the end of the National Day holiday, there were lots of families enjoying a nice day walking to the pavilion at the end of the pier, some even were in the water though it was a little too cool for us.

We also a big rubber duck floating in front of some nearby high rises. Turns out it is public art and was originally installed as part of the 2014 Olympics-Dalian served as the location for the sailing completion. This duck and many others around the world were designed by Florintijn Hofman a Dutch artist.

From the pier we returned to the ship and enjoyed an “American BBQ” dinner on the pool deck. While not quite an American picnic-no potato salad??? For those of us who had been away from any bbq for a month at this point, we certainly enjoyed it!

After a relaxing day at sea doing not much but enjoying our balcony and the spa, we got ready for the cruise critic “Meet & Greet”. Cruise Critic is an online forum with cruise news, reviews and most importantly “boards” where one can ask and answer questions and “roll calls” where one can meet digitally fellow passengers on “your” cruise before you leave home. Many cruise lines host an event for the roll call members to meet face to face. Viking does a nice job serving cocktails, wine and beer and passing hors d’ouvres. They hold it in the Winter Garden and usually have one of the entertainers provide background music. Ours was attended by the Captain and all the Senior Officers.

It was great to put some faces with names and to meet some of the crew. After the meet and greet we decided to have a casual dinner at The World Cafe and started with escargot for me and sushi for Mike.

I don’t have any pictures of any other food so I suspect we were full and called it an evening!

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