Portland Week 4 and a few days

We have been pretty lazy our last week or so in Portland. We talked about doing a wine drive but haven’t. Instead we have been getting our luggage ready, books loaded onto our iPads, counting pills into envelopes (gosh ain’t old age fun) and otherwise getting ready to head to Asia.

On Sunday we went downtown and walked along the Riverwalk. It was a beautiful day so there was good people and boat watching.

There is a big arts and crafts market held beside the river on weekends. Beautiful flowers and interesting products!

During our walk along the river, we were surprised by the number of geese.

The highlight of the day though was seeing the people powered party barge!

One morning this week, I got up early (well 7:30 which is early for us retired folk) and went to get donuts for us for breakfast. You may have heard of Voodoo donuts before but the folks in Portland say those are for tourist and that Blue Star has the best gourmet donuts ($3.75 each) in town. We tried Apple fritter, bacon maple, buttermilk old fashioned and raspberry rosemary buttermilk. All were tasty but for the price I like the donuts from Queen Donuts in Houston better…and we could have gotten a dozen for what these four cost!

Our stay in Portland has been enjoyable but I don’t think we will consider it for our permanent nest. It’s a little too big and while they have a great transportation system, we would still sorta feel tied to a car.

And we aren’t granola-y enough!

We leave in a few minutes to drive to Federal Way (between Tacoma and Seattle) where we’ll spend the night with our long time friend Andy where our car will be vacationing while we are in Asia.

Tomorrow, he is dropping us at the train station EARLY 😢 for our ride to Vancouver, British Columbia. We spend one night at the Hyatt there courtesy of Mike’s free anniversary night from his Citi card unless a threatened strike happens in which case we will revert to our initial plan to stay at the YWCA hotel. The Y gets great reviews but free wins! LOL

Then on Friday morning we will head to Canada Place to board Celebrity Millennium and leave for Tokyo that afternoon!

2 thoughts on “Portland Week 4 and a few days

  1. Love your travel reopert while staying in Oregon. I had Astoria on my list of place to live in my retirement. Love the town but the lack of sunlight throughout the year was not my cup of tea.
    I look forward to your cruise posts from Celebrity Millennium .
    My close friends wil be doing this same itinerary next year.
    Will you be posting on Cruise Critic for this cruise or just on your blog?
    BTW I am Azulann on Cruise Critic forums.


    • Yeah Astoria was a little cloudy and damp the day we were there.

      I won’t be posting a lot anywhere since Celebrity doesn’t provide free WiFi and we elected to use our perk for cocktails instead of internet! LOL

      I have pre scheduled a couple of blog posts for the transpacific part and will post to the blog when we are in port where I will have service. I doubt I will post a “live” review on CC. What I did before was to post the summary blog post after the cruise on CC. So will likely do that.

      Feel free to share a link to the blog with your friends and if they have any specific questions tell them to just ask and I’ll try to respond.


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