Vila do Conde

It’s a beautiful day in Vila do Conde today. Some fluffy clouds, 70 (21c) degrees, nice breeze/ warm in the sun, cool in the shade. My version of perfect!

We walked from the apartment towards where the Friday market will be held tomorrow. The town is interesting-new vacation rentals, beautiful old buildings in need of a savior and everything in between.

We had a great lunch for 7.50 euros each of wine/beer, bread & olives, salad, mains and coffee/tea. As usual we split each main. One was tasty lasagna-it appears to be a universally available dish these days and the other was a cod casserole with an egg on top. It had lots of corn meal in it so mostly tasted like mushy cornbread with some cheese and an egg on top. It was yummy.

From there we walked to and along the River towards the beach. We are now relaxing on a bench alongside the river. There is a lovely walk that includes a historic ship, a modern sculpture (which Mike says is a prime example of how the Europeans “thin the herd” as there is nothing to keep someone from climbing on it), the fishing boats and market and a statue of what we presume to be a fisherman’s widow looking out to sea. Over it all is the Convent of St James. More about it in a future post as we plan to attend a festival there this weekend.

After I finish this we are going to leave this bench where I have the view below and continue back to the apartment along the beach. Hopefully with a stop to dip our toes!


well the pictures didn’t upload so am finishing this back at the apartment. We walked along the river to where it meets the Atlantic at the fort and then along the broad promenade north towards our apartment. I live watching and hearing the waves crash into the rocks.

We walked in the sand (it’s really soft and not easy to walk in) and dipped our toes as promised…

The water was cool but not frigid. mike says it’s too cold for him to go for a plunge but if the warm weather holds, I might just have to.

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