Chef’s Table

We dined at Viking’s other alternative restaurant tonight. They have a menu that rotates every three days. Tonight was the French Bistro. It was very tasty in general and the service was a step above what we had last night. We were seated beside a couple from Florida and Maine who were enjoyable to talk with. Throughout Viking’s restaurants their tables for two are arranged “just” far enough away for privacy if you desire that, but “just” close enough together to allow for conversation also.

Below is today’s food porn, the second course was the winner IMHO especially with the delicious wine pairing. The only dish that was underwhelming was the amuse-a consume with mushrooms that needed salt-and if I say that you can imagine with Sir Michael thought. We were also a little disappointed by the granita palate cleanser. It was tasty but the wine in it lingered on the palate and certainly left my palate less than cleansed. The main-was very tasty soufflé of sole in a wonderful lobster sauce. The wine pairing for it was the least successful but still tasty enough that we both had two glasses. The dessert was delicious and the sweet wine with it was most enjoyable.

We are looking forward to our next visit to the Chef’s table on Sunday for their “Gastronomic Journey Through Time”. That’s quite a title, hope dinner lives up to it!


Wine List (didn’t cost us extra since we have the Silver Spirits package)


2nd course – mushrooms and cheese in pastry in a wonderful wine sauce

Granita (partially eaten-oops!)



2 thoughts on “Chef’s Table

  1. LOVE the puff pastry cap on the soup…. the gold leaf on the raspberry was a nice elegant touch… was the whipped cream “real” as mommy would say…. it was piped so well. Hugs to both hope you are living it up!


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