We booked this trip over a year ago and while taking a trip to the islands doesn’t require the degree of planning that one with lots of sightseeing does, it still has been fun exploring the possibilities for each of our ports and of course for the extended weekend in New York. That being said, it is nice that it is finally here!

We finished stuffing the final things in the bags last night about midnight…it would have been earlier but we had to catch up on FEUD-Joan Crawford & Bette Davis.  Needless to say the 5am alarm was no fun.  

After locking up and double checking we had everything it was a quick ride down to the waiting Waggoner express (my boss) who arrived right on time to get us to the airport with time to spare. (No we aren’t the Clampetts, the target bag was headed to the dumpster-ah the joys of condo life!)

We arrived to a long checkin line, thankfully we got to use the sky priority line which was significantly shorter!  Unfortunately two different folks came running up late for their flights so knowing Karma can be a bitch, we allowed them to go ahead of us.  Soon we were checked in and bag free.  We usually rollaboard but since we had to check one, why not all three!  We keep saying to each other we feel like we are missing something.  

Thankfully I don’t think we are, though it came close…as we were putting toiletries in the suitcase, Mike (thankfully) said, “where are our passports?”   Yikes!  We almost had a ruined trip or at least a stressful one. 

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