So it wasn’t a Palace. 

Because we had a 7:20 boarding time and BUD is 45 minutes from downtown I elected for us to stay at one of what I have to believe are the three airport hotels the communists built. They are the Hotel Budapest Airport, the Budapest Airport Hotel, and Airport Hotel Budapest.  Frankly I don’t recall which one we were in, and it was fine but it wasn’t the Palazzo Zichy even though the price was about the same.  It did have the lowest bed ever and while they had a restaurant, it looked awful and was very expensive. Since we weren’t terribly hungry, we walked to a nearby McDonalds and since hey didn’t have a regional specialty (I was hoping for a McPaprika Chicken) we each had a filet O’fish (how does a square fish swim?) and a REFILLABLE coke with LOTS of ice. We got back to the room right at dark and went to bed so we could get a full night of sleep before the long day of travel that was to come. 

Haven’t you always wanted to get dentures at an airport hotel?

Well, they didn’t lie, it is a flat screen tv but…..

And just like in the ship, we had a balcony!  Though after checking out its structural soudness, we elected to pretend it was only a Juilette one. 

So that is the end of the travelogue …you can read (or already have?) our trip home in previous posts. 

My next post will be my thoughts on the whole experience. 

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