As some of you know, I believe in bring out of town for my birthday.  When we booked this trip that wasn’t part of the consideration but it did make me happy when I realized that I would be at sea on my birthday.  

We were gifted with our next door neighbor’s bottle of sparkling so we toted it to breakfast and shared mimosas with the nice sisters from Jersey that we met early onthe trip.  After breakfast we went in the galley tour which is part of the Chef’s Table experience. It was a little more in depth about the kitchen than the behind the scenes tour we took a couple of days previously. It was interesting to learn that chefs in each of the specialty restaurants are responsible for different portions of the Chefs Table.  The french restaurant makes the soup, the Italian the veal chop, etc.  

We returned to the roomyo discover that Leah (the concierge) and Shirlyn (the group services coordinator) had decorated the room for my birthday including a cake and two more bottles of sparkling!  How many mimosas can two guys drink?   

After calling to thank them for the gesture, we went to the gym, took a quick plunge in the now very very cool pool and really enjoyed lunch on deck.  Today was a really delishous whole roasted pig along with all sorts of sides.  It’s too bad it’s cloudy, cool and windy as not many people weathered the elements to enjoy the meal.  

Tonight we are celebrating my birthday with dinner at LeBistro – the French restauarant in board. This will be our second time their this trip.  We are using Mike’s free dinner for two with a bottle of wine Lattitudes Platinum coupon for this….and we are taking a bottle of Schramsburg Brut Rose (the sparkling we had when we got married) that was on clearance the other day so we will have quite the meal!


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