Booking a big ole stateroom for the cost of a cheap one…and what in the world is a double cross meta upgrade?

We originally booked the cruise more than a year ago when we were able to snag one of the two forward facing (relatively) low cost balcony cabins.  We were able to use reward points from our Norwegian Cruise Line branded loyalty credit card to “upgrade” ourself from an inside cabin to the balcony cabin.  This type of upgrade is known as a double (because we went up two categories) cross meta (because we jumped from an inside across an ocean view up to a balcony). Upgrades can be from a lower category of a type of cabin to a higher one.  From a low deck inside stateroom to another inside on a higher deck for example.  Or they can be cross meta from an inside stateroom to one with an ocean view.  But blow 60,000 points and you can jump across two like we did.  (20,000 points were gained for signing up, the rest from always using it for Norwegian purchases 2 points per $ and when I learned about the upgrade possibilities using it for just about everything.!) 

The great thing about the 2xMeta that it takes the same number of points no matter the overall cost or length of the cruise…so for our 19 days we used the same number of points we would have for a 7day one.  The cost differencefor a short cruise might only be $200 or $300 but in this case we “saved” about $2,500!  

Of course at the this past January I was a bit frustrated and perturbed when after our final payment was due and paid, they significantly lowered the fares in an effort to sell out the ship (it worked) which meant that other balcony cabins were selling for what we paid for ours (at an inside rate).  I tried to convince Norwegian to lower my cost to the new price of insides which they wouldn’t do without me canceling (we would have had a $ penalty but we still would have been a few bucks ahead) which meant we would stand the chance of loosing “our” cabin.   However, they did offer us an onboard credit of $600 which is what the credit card points were worth if we cashed them in for cash. I asked and they agreed To instead redeposit our points so we have the opportunity to do it all over again.

So we will have to find another long cruise!


3 thoughts on “Booking a big ole stateroom for the cost of a cheap one…and what in the world is a double cross meta upgrade?

  1. I have never been on a cruise…. now i know who to contact when I need a travel agent! LOL Can’t wait to see pics of this cruise.


      • I wish I could post a pic here for you. Are you on FB???? I have a great pic I just took of mommy. She looks fabulous. She would LOVE to see y’all! I showed her wedding pictures. She said you both looked very nice in your suits. She is too funny. Miss you bunches. Keep in touch and if you ever want to kidnap someone funny and sweet to come tag along on one of these cruises….. I’m your hostage!!! I have new numbers and stuff… i will email to you under separate cover. xoxoxo


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